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Floating Soft Keys *ROOT* v2.0.2
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Requires rooted phones. If you don’t know what root is, your phone is probably not rooted *

Ever felt that the default soft keys are too bulky? Or want to protect your Home hard button from wearing off? Then this app is just for you.
Presenting Floating Soft Keys.
This app makes use of pingpongboss’s StandOut libraries to make small (and resizable) soft keys that you can drag anywhere across the screen. For devices with soft keys as default navigational controls, this app is most effective when used in combination with CyanogenMod’s or ParanoidAndroid’s expanded desktop mode.
The app has been tested to work properly on Nexus 4. If the app is not working on your device, let me know.
DISCLAIMER: Although the app isn’t designed to harm and is safe as far as I can tell, if something happens to your phone due to this app / during the use of this app, please do not blame me. You can contact me for support and I’ll try my best to help you, but my help will not include “monetary help”. Use at your own risk.
- Resizable soft keys
- Adjustable spacing
- Adjustable transparency
- Movable, will stay on top of all windows (floating) thanks to pingpongboss’s StandOut library
- Custom icon support added (For more info about custom icon themes, visit the XDA thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show…3#post43214543)
Supported actions:
- Back Button (Collapse soft keys on long press)
- Home Button (customizable action on long press)
- Menu Button (Show Recents on long press)
- Drag

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